Serving as the call-to-action for each campaign, Mobilizations span the duration of an entire Wave – around two months – taking the momentum of the Better World Series and spreading it through shared networks and communities using digital tools.


During February and March, the Better World Series wants to hear what you think about climate change, the environmental, and your role in it all. On this anonymous community board, we’ll collect responses from all walks of life to paint a picture that encompasses the overall emotional impact that climate change has on local communities and beyond.


• How do conversations about climate change and environmental topics make you feel?


• How do you feel when you’re in a conversation with a climate change denier? A climate change believer?

How to Participate

 1. Allow these  questions to spark your creativity, but by all means, draw, write, paint, whatever you feel lights your fire. 

 2. After you’ve created your piece, take a photo of it and upload it here. As long as your work is not deemed inappropriate by our team, we’ll post it here for the world to see. 

Thanks for building a better world with us.

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